Heart to Heart

14 Feb


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yeah, I know it’s a commercial holiday filled with frou-frou, chocolates and expensive cards, but there are some great aspects to this day. One in particular is HEART HEALTH and it has the whole month of February to take center stage.

So let’s give a little tender lovin’ to our rhythm in the band, our pretty little kick drum, the Heart.

Mind You: According to the CDC, 935,000 Americans have a heart attack (more than half of those are men). Which leads to the following things to think about…

Risk Factors (no particular order here)
1. Hereditary
2. Smoking
3. Obesity
4. Diabetes
5. Physical Inactivity
6. Excessive drinking
7. Poor diet
8. High LDL and Blood pressure

Signs of a Heart Attack – Do You Know Them?
1. Chest pain/angina
2. Shoulder, arm, jaw, neck, stomach pain
3. Nausea and vomiting
4. Shortness of breath, dizziness

*In a 2005 study, only 27% of respondents knew the major signs of a heart attack and to call 9-1-1.

Whole Foods are Healing
Put great food in to make your greatness prosper.
1. Leafy greens are rich in magnesium and help calcium function in the heart tissues and nerves properly. It is also linked to regulating complex amino acids in the brain that contribute to anxiety.
2. Lower the saturated fats found in animal products.
3. Sodium intake under 2300mg/day (<1500mg for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, African american, Kidney disease or +51yrs in age) and intake atleast 4300 mg of Potassium per day.
4. Calcium absorption is important in heart function. Foods that impede this process are caffein, salt, sugar, alcohol, refined flours.

Chinese Medicine and the Heart
Disharmonies of the energetic properties of the heart in diagnosis for TCM can be seen in several ways. This does not imply that the organ has a problem.
1. Excess laughter
2. Speech problems: stuttering, confused speech
3. weak spirit
4. Loss of memory
5. Mental illness
6. Depression

These Calm the Mind:
1. Oyster shell
2. Whole wheat grain
3. Mushrooms/ Reishi/ Ling Zhi
4. Lemons
5. Chamomile
6. Valerian
7. Suan Zao Ren
8. Wu Wei Zi

Straight the Heart: Acupressure/Acupuncture Point

Here’s a great little YouTube video on Heart 7, which is great for sleep and anxiety.


Lift Your Spirt with This:
Calm your mind.
Have clarity in one thought process.
Do not be scattered and hyperactively distracted.

Prayer or grace before a meal put your mind in a peaceful place of gratitude and focused inward on the spirit.

And remember, it might be another holiday, but be grateful and love the one you’re with.

That’s sure to make your heart skip a beat.

Take Care!



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