3 Jan


January 3rd, 2013.

I’m three days late on this New Year post, but I guess it’s fitting as this post is all about the number 3 and how we manage (or don’t) address important aspects of our health and wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit. I’ll post more on that trio later.

It’s the premise for the Three Needles logo and melds so sweetly into our cycle at the beginning of a new year to make a resolution, in some fashion for a better part of ourselves. Our resolutions or goals will fall into any one or combo of these pillars.
Lose weight?
Stop smoking?
Eat more veggies?
Sweat through a 90 day Bikram yoga challenge?
Learn a new language?
Maybe it’s to kick the green-eyed monster out the door and just practice gratitude more often?
Or practice the golden rule and treat others the way you want to be treated?
Or maybe your resolution is to have NO resolution. But isn’t that a resolution?

Whatever it may be, they’re all promising and optimistic; they represent a clean slate for us. But that slate can get downright dirty when habits start to creep in.

I don’t completely remember my resolution last year, do you? I was committed to nothing other than focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and making things happen for myself in that realm. Kuddos to my awesome husband for being so patient with me.

And that’s the challenging part. Getting to the point of implementing it into our hectic lives and keeping our eye on the prize is HARD.

As my elementary school music teacher would often tell me in slow drawl, “You’re a hard-headed child.” So true.
Breaking bad (or making better) takes patience, awareness, practice, and not being so hard-headed. Your way might need to be tweaked, and that’s okay.

Remember the Tortoise and the Hare story? Our society is all rabbit – fast, adrenaline, distracted go-go-go types, we burn out in every aspect of our lifestyle (the big 3) and then we’re done. Possibly forgetting what we had in mind to start running the race. The old turtle makes his way patiently, consistently and slowly to the finish line, with his own set of limitations and WINS. Mind you, this was when the rabbit was catching zzz’s.

On the Checklist for the New Resolution:

1. Ask WHY. Why is it that you want to get where you want to get? My resolution a few years back to run a 1/2 marathon was more than a distance race. It was to prove to myself I was strong enough to face any obstacle and I was disciplined enough to complete the training to get there. It was a complete emotional attachment to my definition of Strength.
If you’re not really feeling your why , there’s a good chance it’s not going to work.

2. Slow and Steady wins the race. Focus on the one resolution (not 20 checklist/To Do items). I’m incredibly guilty of this. I want to do it all!

3. Have your goal written somewhere you’ll see it every day. (Mirror, fridge, in your planner, taped to your desktop) Share it with someone close so they can follow up with you and you’re more apt to feel accountable.

4. It’s not going to be perfect. Give yourself the time to make mistakes. 90 Day rule. You can find out more about that here.

5. Give yourself an end date. You don’t want to eat food that doesn’t expire, right? It’s got a lot of junk and nasty preservatives in it. Your goal needs to expire. There needs to be an end in sight. Or it’s going to sit on the shelf like an unexpired Twinkie. If you have a specific goal to lose weight, put a date or timeline a gradual process to get there.

I’m sharing my resolutions with you.

1. Recommend what I would or have used myself.

2. Pray when I wake up.

3. Do something that scares me at least twice a week. Don’t want to get too comfortable.

I’d love to hear your resolutions, advice, stories – whatever you have to share, share it.

Cheers to 2013.

Take Care,



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