Seasons Change: Should You, Too?

24 Oct

Remembering Fall by Indy Kethdy

Living in sunny Arizona poses some wonderful challenges in terms of weather. There are four months of heat, haboobs and monsoons and the rest of the year gloriously redeems the hell-on-earth qualities by giving us refreshing, crisp air and sunny skies.  Truthfully, we only have two seasons: Hot and Enjoyable.  We’ve paid our dues, and the weather (and people) are of the brighter sort.  Fall officially started on September 22nd and although its just starting to cool down, the days are getting shorter, mornings are brisk,  and life remains spinning at a dizzying rate towards 2013.

So how do we keep healthy pace with the changing seasons?

I browsed through the Neijing Suwen The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine for basic insight to wellness and lifestyle changes through the seasons.  Self-preservation and prevention in health are staples in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Educating others on creating beneficial lifestyle habits and implementing them can keep you feeling strong and energetic through the transitions of the seasons.   I love this book because its holistic approach to lifestyle reveals our actions presently perpetuate our health for the following season.

Incorporate the following for Fall:

1. Sleep – The Neijing requires that one should retire when the sun sets and rise with the break of dawn.  Although this  might not be realistic, getting the recommended amount of sleep will keep your immune system strong and keep you rejuvenated. This time of year is about conservation, so store and reserve your energy!

2. Stress Management – With the holidays at our heels, it’s important to find ways to decompress. Prayer, meditation, yoga, camaraderie, exercise, writing, acupuncture – any outlet really, can help you deal with any harsh emotions and keep you peaceful to really enjoy the beauty of the year.

3. Exercise – Strengthening your respiratory function (Lung qi is what we call it in TCM terms) will help you with several factors: stress management, immune function, circulation.  Qi Gong, Tai Chi, walking, yoga and breathing exercises are all gentler options.  In reference to prepping for winter, it will also help with your digestive function.

4. Eat with the season – Staying within the realm of what mother nature provides seems simple enough.  Today it’s easy to be confused about what’s in season because produce is readily available regardless of its natural harvest time! Local farmers markets and checking with the Farmer’s Almanac are two great resources to see what’s in season. I’ll have an additional post about what foods are right for the fall.

5. Say “No” to cold drinks – Say no to icy, cold drinks. It’s hard on your digestion. Room temperature or warm drinks are preferable.

I would love to hear your thoughts and what lifestyle changes, if any you incorporate with the change of seasons?

Take Care!


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